About Us

Krio + Color® is an innovative children’s clothing brand driven by a team of creative-minded people committed to delivering contemporary, high quality and fashionable garments.

Krio + Color® offers a fun and safe world under the sun through its unique and exclusive copyrighted characters. They are the soul of the brand and what differentiates it from the other brands in the market by offering exclusive and attractive designs in each one of their collections.

KRIO + COLOR’S collections are designed with a unique style and creativity, providing joy, color, fashion and elegance to the children.

Our mission is to educate parents, children and industry representatives of the importance of protecting children against the sun’s damaging rays throughout the magic of our fun characters that bring happiness and color and make the world a safer and fun place.


Pilar Ceballos and Giovanna Iannazzone are two Colombian Creative Directors specialized in kids brand development.

Their passion and connection with kids leads them to create an imaginary world where the characters interact with the daily lives of children by creating different outdoor activities in which sun protection is promoted.

Giovanna Iannazzone

Pilar Ceballos

Krio + Color® designs swimwear with smart textiles high quality UPF 50+ SOLAR GUARD properties, are backed certified by the American standard AATCC 183-2010, in the excellent category, which protect 98% against ultra-violet emitted by the sun.

It also uses LYCRA® fiber, resists until 10 times more to chlorine exposure compare to other Elastane, resulting in superior durability and better fit.

KRIO + COLOR® is design for parents who value design, trends, good quality products and care about the “look” and style of their kids. Love to dress their children colorfully and want them to radiate energy, joy, life, light and happiness. Parents that want to protect their children from the sun and are very concerned for the health and wellness of their children.