How The Sun Sees You

Revealing human skin in ultraviolet light by Thomas Leveritt Artist Thomas Leveritt set up an ultraviolet camera and viewing monitor in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to show people what their skin looks like in ultraviolet light. This is “how the sun sees you.” The revealed freckles and lurking age spots are the not-yet-visible results of skin damage from sun exposure. The real magic (and science!) of this vid happens when we see what sunscreen looks like in UV light. Like a visible forcefield of UV-blocking black cream, it’s an impressive demonstration of how sunscreen protects our skin from the sun’s damaging rays, and why it’s important to wear it daily. Wrinkles and age spots are the least of it. The sun has been proven to cause skin cancer. Sunscreen helps but it only goes so far.  You must apply sunscreen every time you go outside and reapply it every 2 hours. Often you need help. It rubs off. We offer a safer, easier way to have maximum and dependable protection. Krio + Color’s swimwear uses smart fabrics to deliver no less than UPF 50+ PROTECTION THAT BLOCKS 98% UVA/UVB to keep your kids cool, comfortable and stylish. 

Krio Color Protects Your Babies From the Sun

Krio + Color rash guards with *UV 50+ protective factor are a must-have this summer for your little ones! This swimmer provides *UPF 50+ sun protection.*Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Manufactured with textiles using SOLAR GUARD properties. SOLAR GUARD properties absorb UVB rays protecting the skin against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Excellent solar protection UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Fabrics with SOLAR GUARD properties provide lasting durability and high solidity to wash.

South Florida Parenting Magazine 2015

We couldn’t be happier with our feature in June issue of South Florida Parenting Magazine Showcasing Krio + Color’s Summer 2015 Collection. Our Hippo 2 lines Rashguard and Swimming Cap took center stage of the fabulous cover shot!

The Swim Journal | Krio + Color

In children’s swimwear and beachwear, innovations in style, fit and textiles are popping up all over the market, with sun protection, parent-child look-alike styling, comfort features and environmentally responsible fabrics leading the way. We spoke with some of the industry’s leaders in the manufacture of children’s beachwear to find out what styles are on parents’ and buyers’ most wanted lists, what is trending now for Season 2018, and what future developments are planned for their labels. KRIO + COLOR, co-founded by Pilar and Monica Ceballos and Giovanna Iannazzone in 2014, is a line of UPF 50+ sun-protective swimwear and accessories for women and children, with headquarters in Florida. Krio + Color is attention-getting, conversation starting, bright and colorful wearable art. The designs feature such circus characters as Cotton Candy Elefante, Ringmaster Pinguino and the Intrepid Unicyclist. The kid-friendly styles are designed with brightly colored graphics and bold elements; buyers are looking for styles that make a statement, and Krio+Color definitely delivers. According to the trio of entrepreneurs, parents want sun-protective suits for all ages of children, and are increasingly concerned about protection from damaging rays. Fashionable coverage is important, as are durable chlorine-resistant fabrics. For the future, they see full-body sun suits and surf-style fashions growing in importance, along with more kid-inspired graphics over traditional prints. The label will be debuting at SwimShow this season with a new line of trunk styles for boys, matching “Dad-and-me” swim trunks and “Mom-and- me” rash guards, water-resistant zip-up beach bags and swim caps. Plans are underway to develop a men’s line of UV-protective beachwear.